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WELCOME to PlaceDesignScotland, which seeks to do ‘what it says on the tin’ – to report and reflect on that fascinating and urgent topic of how we design, improve, retrofit and care for our places.

This is a crowdsourcing project, tapping into the huge reserves of expertise, knowledge and wisdom already ‘out there’, to provide a wealth of inspiration and ideas.

We are pretty agnostic where we source our good ideas from; we are not narrowly Scottish, we look to beyond these shores.

You might note there is much on the site about cohousing (which we believe should become a mainstream offering), which points to an earlier project idea: to build a website solely dedicated to people-led housing.

This proposal was then revised, to reflect that fact that people-led housing is rooted in the wider world of place design.

We apologise for the delay in formally launching (there is already an archive stretching back almost 18 months): it was due to illness.

While the content on the site is free to read, a modest annual membership is charged in order to comment and take part in discussions. We hope you appreciate why that is necessary.

This is a resource that requires paying for, one way or another. First, all content on the site – including comments and discussion threads – appears only after moderation, which is potentially very labour-intensive.

Second, site technicalities – such as URL renewal, hosting, bandwidth, maintenance and security – are also costs that require paying for.

Third, we would like to soon find ourselves in a position to be able to pay for commissioned content, at NUJ rates.

Given the crowdsourcing ambitions of the site, we welcome offers of editorial – not least editorial that is solutions-orientated.

We have some pay-for services, including being able to post media releases and then forwarding them to a pretty comprehensive mailing list of Scottish and other media outlets.

Feel free to get in touch via our ‘Contact us’ page, should you wish to submit a feature or opinion article, have any questions about our pay-for services or wish to talk to us about advertising on the site.

We also provide training in writing (not least, blog posts and media releases), digital media and media interview technique.

PlaceDesignScotland is owned by Newsdippermedia Ltd, a private company limited by shares, registered in Scotland, company number SC237125.

Thank you.